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Thanks and see you in 2023

After five days of intensive work, the Youth European Championships came to an end. Many thanks to all those who, directly or indirectly, contributed to this great sporting success praised by participants and members of the UCI and UEC. Thanks and see you in 2023!

Sergio Romaneschi

President of the Executive Committee

Impressions of the European Junior Championships 2022


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Greeting from the President of the Executive Committee of the MTB European Junior Championships 2022 and 2023

The Organizing Committee of the Cross Country of Redde, after having in 2015 successfully concluded the Tenth Edition has deemed it appropriate to offer its experience in favor of a new event of great international appeal.…Read more…Read less
So here is the proposal to organize the Junior European MTB Championships for 2022 and 2023.

A challenge certainly interesting but also very demanding on the organizational, logistical and financial side.

I have accepted this, in every aspect, tempting challenge, being able to count on the same valid committee members who with great enthusiasm have once again made themselves available and are particularly proud to be able to collaborate in the setting up and running of this important cycling championship.

The Canton of Ticino and in particular Tesserete and Capriasca, Lugano and Ticino Cycling are certainly proud to welcome the planned biennial event. Their support will also be very important for the success of the event.

In the past, the participants of the various races have always been able to enthuse the audience.

The spectacle will once again be guaranteed for spectators from all over Europe and beyond.

Their joyful and inciting presence will animate the days of the different competitions.

The square of the former Military Barracks of Tesserete will be the center of the event, from where the different routes will start and where the race village will be set up.

The organization will involve an organizational commitment and a not indifferent financial burden.

I would like to thank the city of Lugano, the municipality of Capriasca, the institutions, the companies, the sponsors, the volunteers and all those who will support us, directly or indirectly.

To my colleagues of the committee a special thanks for their collaboration, availability, commitment and professionalism.

To all of you an invitation to participate and live these wonderful days of cycling, friendship, sport and fun.

Sergio Romaneschi

President of the Executive Committee

The European Youth MTB Championship

With great pride the European Cycling Union has evaluated positively the project of the promoter committee to bring back after some years an event of international level in Ticino and more precisely in Capriasca.…Read more…Read less

In the summers of 2022 and 2023, the woods around the Torre di Redde will see more than 500 boys and girls from all over Europe competing in the U15 and U17 categories.


The discipline of Cross Country, considered the true essence of MTB, allows the public to admire closely the athletes on a path created by a team of experts in the field. The course, which covers a length between 4 and 10 km, is repeated several times depending on the category, making the show even more exciting and passionate.


The young people who will compete on the trails and paths of Capriasca, to win they will have to use technique, speed and endurance, find the best trajectories and the ability to interpret the characteristics of the path.


The ultimate goal, but also the main one of the organizing committee, is to propose an event where the young athletes can have fun in complete safety and for the spectators to be able to live an all-round experience in the region.

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Organisation chart

  1. Sergio Romaneschi


    1. Massimo Nottaris

      Vice President, Military, Pci, Volunteers

    2. Ivano Rovelli

      Paths and drawings

    3. Mathias Arpagaus

      Races, electricity and water

    4. Katia Ambrosini


    5. Gaby Gianini


    6. Massimo Nottaris



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